75 Soft Foods to Eat When Chewing Hurts

75 Soft Foods to Eat When Chewing Hurts

Are you looking for soft foods to eat when chewing hurts? This article provides 75 different soft food ideas. And it provides some general information on a soft foods diet or no chew diet.

Why Follow a Soft Foods Diet?

A soft foods diet or no chew diet can help make it easier to eat when chewing hurts. Most people will follow a soft food diet temporarily.

Those without teeth (or dentures) may be following a soft foods diet long term.

Let’s look at some of the reasons to follow a soft foods diet.

Soft Foods for Mouth Pain

You may be looking to follow a soft foods diet if you have mouth pain.

Mouth pain may be caused by dental issues. Untreated cavities or gingivitis can make it difficult to eat. When you bite down you experience significant pain.

The solution is to find foods that do no require chewing. So, you don’t have to bite down. Rather, you can mush food around in your mouth before a swallow.

dental factorsSoft Foods After Dental Surgery

Having mouth or dental surgery can cause temporary pain requiring a soft foods diet.

Having wisdom teeth removed, oral surgery, or even just getting tight braces placed can cause temporary mouth pain making it difficult to chew.

A soft foods diet can help you get through the first days and weeks following dental surgery (or any type of dental procedure). Over time, as the pain goes away you can transition back to a normal diet.

Caution with Mouth Pain

If you are looking for soft foods to eat because chewing hurts, it is so important to address the underlying issues causing your pain.

While dental or oral health care is expensive, if left untreated it can lead to significant health issues.

Chewing should not hurt. Pain is your body’s way of saying something is wrong.

It is important to find the underlying issue causing your mouth pain. Treating the mouth pain can mean you go back to following a regular diet sooner.

And while rare, mouth pain can be a sign of oral cancer. Additionally, untreated cavities or mouth sores can lead to an infection or heart issues.

Be sure to work with your healthcare team to resolve any ongoing issues you have with mouth pain.


Tips for Selecting Soft Foods to Eat

Let’s talk about tips for selecting soft foods to eat.

Every person is in a different situation. Maybe you need every food you eat to be smooth or pureed. But maybe you can manage some texture as long as it’s soft.

The key making foods easier to eat when chewing hurts is: soft, tender, moist foods.

Tender and Moist

Making sure foods are tender is important when following a soft foods diet.

If you are eating grains, make sure you cook them extra long so they are soft and mushy.

When cooking meat, cook them low and slow (crock pots work great) until the meat falls apart with a fork. Adding extra moisture and/or cutting the meat can help make it even easier to eat.

Adding more liquid during the cooking process and/or to foods when serving can make them easier to eat. Think of adding gravy to mashed potatoes. Or a splash of cream to oatmeal.

If a food is too dry, even if it is soft, it can be difficult to eat.

Premade Soft Foods

You can make foods soft by blending them, mushing them, cooking them slow, and/or adding liquid.

Or you can select foods that are already soft.

Canned foods are a great example of premade soft foods. The process of canning requires heat and liquid. This makes the canned food quite soft and easy to eat.

Not all canned foods are soft and easy to eat. For example, canned pineapple can be a little difficult due to the texture of pineapple. But canned mandarin oranges or diced peaches can be quite soft and easy to eat.

Remember, everyone tolerates softs foods differently. This is based on their individual situation.

The soft foods to eat below are ideas to get you started. Over time you will find your favorite soft foods that make eating less painful.

75 Soft Foods to Eat When Chewing Hurts



75 Soft Foods to Eat When Chewing Hurts

Without further ado, here is our list of 75 foods to eat when chewing hurts.

This list doesn’t include every single soft foods ever created. It’s just some ideas to get you started. The foods are listed in alphabetical order (no special ranking for the “best” since everyone tolerates foods differently).

I hope this list provides you with some inspiration for soft food you can eat!

  1. Almond butter
  2. Applesauce
  3. Avocados
  4. Banana (ripe)
  5. Bean dip (smooth)
  6. Beans (well-cooked)
  7. Beef stew (well cooked)
  8. Brie (w/o skin)
  9. Broccoli cheddar soup
  10. Broth (beef, chicken, vegetable)
  11. Carrots (canned)
  12. Cheese spread
  13. Cheesecake
  14. Chicken noodle soup
  15. Cottage Cheese
  16. Cheese (Cream Cheese)
  17. Cream of mushroom soup
  18. Cream of Wheat
  19. Creamed spinach
  20. Custard
  21. Egg salad
  22. Flan
  23. Frozen yogurt
  24. Fruit cocktail (canned)
  25. Fudge bars
  26. Green beans (canned)
  27. Grits
  28. Guacamole
  29. Hard boiled eggs
  30. Hummus
  31. Ice-cream
  32. Jam
  33. Jell-O
  34. Juice
  35. Kefir
  36. Lentil soup
  37. Lentils
  38. Macaroni and cheese
  39. Mandarin oranges (canned)
  40. Mashed cauliflower
  41. Mashed potatoes (regular or sweet)
  42. Meat loaf
  43. Milk
  44. Mousse
  45. Nutrition drinks
  46. Oatmeal (well cooked)
  47. Pancakes
  48. Pasta
  49. Peaches (canned)
  50. Peanut butter
  51. Pears (canned)
  52. Poached eggs
  53. Polenta
  54. Popsicles
  55. Potato soup
  56. Protein shakes
  57. Pudding
  58. Rice (well cooked & moist)
  59. Salmon
  60. Scrambled eggs
  61. Shakes
  62. Sherbet
  63. Shredded beef (tender & moist)
  64. Shredded chicken (tender & moist)
  65. Sloppy Joes
  66. Smoothies
  67. Soft bread
  68. Sorbet
  69. Soufflé
  70. tapioca
  71. Tilapia
  72. Tofu (soft)
  73. Tomato soup
  74. Tuna
  75. yogurt (smooth)

Sample No Chew Meal Plan

Now we covered a lot of different soft foods to eat. But what does that look like in a meal or throughout the day?

Here is an example of a soft foods or no chew meal plan for a day.

Soft Foods Breakfast

From eggs to soft cooked grains to yogurt and smoothies. Breakfast is an easy meal to incorporate soft foods to eat. In fact, many of these foods you may already eat for breakfast.

Sample Soft Foods Breakfast:

  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • Canned diced peaches
  • 1 glass milk

Soft Foods Lunch

A classic soft food to eat at lunch is soup. Soups and stews are great because they are heated for a long time making the ingredients soft. And with the liquid, soups go down easy.

Sample Soft Foods Lunch:

  • Beef and vegetable stew
  • Applesauce
  • Iced tea

Soft Foods Dinner

Finding soft foods to eat for dinner is often the most challenging meal. Here is a delicious soft foods dinner idea.

Sample Soft Foods Dinner:

  • Meat loaf with gravy
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Canned green beans

Soft Foods Snacks

In addition to 3 solid meals, you may be looking for some food soft foods snack ideas. Here is a list of some tasty soft foods snacks.

Sample Soft Food Snacks:


I hope this article gave you some ideas on what soft foods to eat when chewing hurts. Whatever the reason for your mouth pain, I hope it resolves soon.

And be sure to check out our article: 15 Best Foods You Can Eat Without Chewing

Best of luck to you!

75 Soft Foods to Eat When Chewing Hurts the Infographic

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  1. Breakfast, dinner, + 2 snacks each day, and ensuring variety is challenging. Hubby and I have found that making a list of meals we like, are easy to chew, as well as filling has helped us build a range of menu items that we look forward to making again. We sit down each week, go over recipes in books and magazines, make our menu and shopping list at the same time.

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