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Are You Ready To Become A Geriatric Dietitian?
The field of geriatrics is booming- it is estimated that 10,000 baby boomers will enter retirement age every single day until 2030. We need geriatric dietitians out there to ensure older adults in our communities receive the very best care possible!

What Does It Take to Become A Geriatric Dietitian?
A Registered Dietitian who has been practicing for at least 2 years and has 2,000 hours of practice experience with older adults can apply to become a Board Certified Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition (CSG). Once your application is accepted, you can sit for the CSG exam.  

Any Tips to Get Started?
Learn everything you need to get started at our article Top 5 Tips to Become a CSG Dietitian.

Want to Learn More About Geriatric Nutrition?

I am so excited to have partnered with All Access Dietetics to offer the Real World Geriatric Nutrition Toolkit. This course is for any future or new dietitian (or dietitian new to geriatrics!) looking to improve their geriatric nutrition knowledge and skills and become better prepared for a rotation, job, or business working with this population.

Real World Geriatric Nutrition Toolkit

Join The Geriatric Dietitian Community on Facebook!

The Geriatric Dietitian Community has many CSG dietitians who can answer questions you may have.

I want to work in geriatrics! What job opportunities are there for dietitian?
Geriatric dietitians work in a variety of settings including hospitals, post-acute care, outpatient settings, long-term care, assisted living facilities, home care, palliative and hospice care, community-based nutrition programs, food service, prisons, government programs, management, education, industry, research, and private practice. The opportunities are limitless!

Aside from job search engines, where can I find job postings for dietitians?

The Geriatric Dietitian is a entrepreneurial adventure. Want to start your own adventure? Here are some resources that have helped me along the way. To learn even more visit my website Dietitian Side Hustle

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The Unconventional RD SEO Made Simple course*
THIS is the course that started it all! In the “SEO Made Simple” course, I learned how to build a blog the RIGHT way so my blog could be found by a greater number of people. I cannot recommend this course enough! If it wasn’t for The Unconventional RD, this blog wouldn’t exist.

RD2RD Marketplace*
RD2RD has digital resources to help you, your clients, and your potential. You can buy amazing resources OR build your own store and sell digital nutrition resources. Be sure to check out the RD2RD Blog for awesome entrepreneurial information and resources.

Dietitian HQ*
This website offers a ton information for the entrepreneurial dietitian. Dietitian HQ helps dietitians meet their potential. They offer a FREE Resource Library for entrepreneurial dietitians and host The RD Entrepreneur Symposium, an online conference for nutrition professionals. 

Recommended Reading


These are our favorite text books with information specific on geriatrics. Also, be sure to check out The Best of The Geriatric Dietitian to review our favorite articles on the blog! To ask more specific geriatric nutrition questions, join our Facebook group The Geriatric Dietitian Community.

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