Vegan Diet for Weight Gain [FREE Meal Plan]

Are you looking for a vegan diet for weight gain? Perhaps a free vegan weight gain meal plan? This article includes everything you need to successfully gain weight as a vegan.

Why Follow a Vegan Diet for Weight Gain?

With all of the focus we hear on weight-loss diets, why would someone want a vegan diet for weight gain? There are several reasons why.

Sometimes a weight gain diet is needed following a period of unintended weight loss. This diet can help someone gain weight to get back to their baseline.

Additionally, if someone is clinically underweight, a weight gain diet can help them reach a healthy weight level.

Or perhaps someone wants to gain muscle. Combining a vegan diet for weight gain with strength exercises can help to build muscle mass.

Vegan Diet For Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight as a Vegan

The best way to gain weight as a vegan is to eat more calories.

All foods contain calories. Macronutrients including carbohydrates, protein, and fat all have different amounts of calories per volume.

Calories in Macronutrients:

  • Carbohydrates- 4 calories per gram
  • Protein- 4 calories per gram
  • Fat- 9 calories per gram

Foods high in fat have the most calories per volume of food. Many of our top high calorie vegan foods are high in heart healthy fats!

High Calorie Vegan Foods

There are many high calorie vegan foods to choose from on a vegan diet for weight gain. From nuts, nut butters, avocado, dried fruit, vegetable oils, coconut, seeds, and more.

Three Ways to Get More Calories in Your Diet

  • Boost your meals with high calorie add-ins
    • You can add high calorie foods to the meals you are already eating.
    • For example, adding olive oil to your vegetables or soups.
  • Swap out lower calorie foods
    • You can replace lower calorie foods with higher calorie options.
    • For example, replace plain almond milk with vanilla soy milk which is typically higher in calories.
  • Add a high calorie snack between meals
    • And finally, you can add high calorie foods in between meals as snacks.
    • For example, eating a handful of nuts or trail mix.

We have an extensive list in our article, 15 High Calorie Vegan Foods for Weight Gain.

15 Best High Calorie Vegan Foods Infographic

Free Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan

This free vegan weight gain meal plan was written by dietetic intern Anthony Salazar. Anthony follows a vegan diet & runs the Chronically Nourished blog.

Following a vegan diet for weight gain can be challenging at first. Sometimes following a meal plan can help. The free vegan weight gain meal plan below is just an example of a high calorie vegan diet.

You can use this meal plan as is, modify it, take pieces out, whatever works best for you.

MondayBreakfast Burrito
-1/2 Cup Tofu scramble  
-1/2 Cup Black Beans
-1/2 Cup Avocado
-Spices, salsa, hot sauce for flavor  
-1-ounce walnuts
-Apple sauce
Chickpea Salad Sandwich
-Whole wheat bread
-1 cup chickpeas
-1/2 cup vegan mayo
-2 tbsp mustard
-Diced carrots, onion, celery for flavor
-1 cup mango on the side  
Pasta Marinara
-1/2 Cup lentils
-1/2 cup vegan “beef” crumbles
-1 cup edamame pasta
-Olives, onion, garlic, basil, oregano, and zucchini for flavor  
-Whole grain pancake mix with “flax egg”
-2 tbsp peanut butter
-1 cup berries -maple syrup  
Banana Boats
-1 Banana
-2 tbsp peanut butter
-6 dates
-Whole wheat bread
-2 tbsp peanut butter
-2 tbsp jam
-Hemp seeds
“Beef” Tacos
-3 corn tortillas
-1/2 cup vegan “beef” crumbles
-1/2 cup black beans
-1 whole avocado
-vegan “sour cream”
WednesdayAvocado Toast
-1 whole avocado
-2 slices whole grain bread
-sliced tomato
-hemp seeds
-nutritional yeast
-garlic powder
-onion powder
Peanut Butter Toast
-2 slices whole grain bread
-3 tbsp peanut butter
-1 medium banana
-1 banana
-1/2 cup strawberries
-1/4 cup walnuts
-1/4 cup chia seeds
-1/2 cup fruit juice, add water or milk of choice as needed for extra liquid
-handful of spinach
-1 premade pizza crust
-marinara or pizza sauce
-vegan “cheese”
-vegan “beef crumbles” or “chicken”
-vegetables of choice  
-1 cup oats
-2 tbsp peanut butter -1 cup soy milk,
-1 med banana
-Vegan granola bar
-1 piece of fruit
Buffalo “Chicken” Wrap
-1 tortilla -Vegan “chicken” strips
-1 tbsp buffalo sauce
-Romaine lettuce
-1/2 of an avocado
-sliced tomato
-vegan mayo
-1 cup tofu
-1 cup frozen mixed veg
-Teriyaki stir-fry sauce
-1/4 cup peanuts  
Friday-Soy yogurt
-1 cup grapes
-1/4 cup granola
-2 tbsp almond butter
Trail Mix
-1/2 cup mixed nuts
-1/2 cup dried fruit
-1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
Bean Burrito
-1 tortilla
-1 cup refried beans
-vegan “cheese”
-vegetables of choice
-3 corn tortillas
-1/2 cup pinto beans
-1/2 cup avocado
-Vegan “chicken”
-Green enchilada sauce

This meal plan does not include nutrition facts, be sure to read the nutrition facts label on the foods you are eating throughout the day. Counting calories isn’t always necessary for a vegan diet for weight gain.

Eat what you can, focus on high calorie foods, and add more high calorie snacks as needed.

Printable Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan PDF

If you would like a printable PDF version of our vegan weight gain meal plan, you can click on the image below.

Free Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan PDF snippet

Additional Tips for Gaining Weight as a Vegan

It can get frustrating trying to gain weight. It’s not always as simple as “just eat more food”.

We have created an article for you on 11 tips for gaining weight as a vegan. It will walk you through some ideas on how to finally gain weight. This article includes lots of high calorie food ideas and tips.

11 Tips for Gaining Weight as a Vegan

Summary: Vegan Diet for Weight Gain

This article covered a lot of information on a vegan diet or weight gain.

The main take-aways include:

  • Some people need to follow a diet for weight gain
  • Eating high calorie foods help with weight gain
  • Using a vegan weight gain meal plan can help

We hope this article was helpful. Gaining weight isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It also takes time. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any changes to your diet. Or any issues with weight as there may be underlying issues.

And if you need individual assistance with a vegan diet for weight gain, be sure to reach out to a Registered Dietitian. Best of luck!

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