Easiest Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

This is the easiest weight loss percentage calculator! It will show you:

    • Exactly how much weight was lost.
    • The weight loss percentage.
  • The time period the weight loss occurred over.

Simply enter your information in the outlined boxes below. There is an example included in the calculator now, just type in over these numbers. And don’t forget to add the dates of the current and previous weights!

NOTE: Sometimes the calculator doesn’t like to pop-in below- here is the direct download if you don’t see it below.

Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

The best part about this weight loss percentage calculator is that you can download a copy in Excel. To access your free weight loss percentage calculator, click on the download icon in the lower right-hand corner of the calculator.

How to Calculate Weight Loss Percentage

This calculator does all the math for you. But you may want to know how to calculate weight loss percentage by hand. It’s not that complicated. Here is the formula:

(previous weight – current weight)
 ————————————————–        x  100
previous weight

An example would be someone weighing 150 lbs in December. It is now February and they weigh 125 lbs.

(150 lbs – 125 lbs)
—————————   x 100 = 16.7% weight loss
150 lbs

This person has lost 16.7% of their body weight. But what does that mean?


Defining Significant Weight Loss

The Geriatric Dietitian focuses on stopping unintended weight loss in older adults. Unintended weight loss in older adults leads to muscle loss. This leads to loss of independence, more falls, and risk of early death. Monitoring weight and calculating weight loss percentage is an important part of stopping weight loss in older adults.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides guidance for defining unintended weight loss. Basically, we are looking at the percentage of weight loss over a specific period of time (3).

Unintended weight loss

  • 5% body weight lost in 30 days
  • 7.5% body weight lost in 90 days
  • 10% body weight lost in 180 days

Keep in mind you don’t have to wait to each these levels to intervene. Some older adults experiences what is known as “insidious weight loss”. This means a gradual loss of weight over time. It can still be a serious issue.


Stopping Weight Loss in Older Adults

If you have determined that an older adult is losing weight unintentionally, you can help stop the loss. The trick is to provide more calories so they stop losing weight. You can learn a tons of information about this on our post Weight Gain Smoothies: Stopping Unintended Weight Loss in Older Adults.

General tips to stop unintended weight loss include:

  • Following a food first approach
  • Provide FAVORITE foods
  • Ensure display of meals look appetizing
  • Create a pleasant dining environment
  • Increase calories in the foods already being eaten

Sometimes older adults who are experiencing unintended weight loss have a difficult time eating more foods. But they often can sip on high calorie beverages in-between meals. Providing high calorie shakes or high calorie smoothies can help stop weight loss and even promote weight gain. We have a High Calorie SHAKES e-Cookbook available for purchase too!

Keeping older adults at home and healthy starts with good nutrition. Sometimes good nutrition looks like providing high calorie foods to stop weight loss and protect muscle. If you are able to safely weigh an older adult, getting monthly weights can help you to monitor if they are experiencing loss.

Download this calculator or bookmark this page. This data can help keep the older adult in your life healthy and independent!

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